The company’s board has to be convinced that the new employee is a good match for the company before they can approve the appointment. This is why the interview process is a crucial element of the procedure.

Board members are interested in hearing from candidates about their relevant skills and experience that make them ideal for the position and focusing on the value they can provide. Often, the interviewers will ask questions to determine the candidate’s ability to understand the complicated and sometimes difficult issues that can be encountered as a board member.

They’ll also need an understanding of how the candidate handles conflict and how she can effectively engage other board members with respect. Boards frequently ask candidates how they will handle specific topics such as shareholder involvement and potential conflicts of interest. They also want to know whether the candidate is ethical and responsible.

A lot of companies offer the opportunity to read a set of pre-read documents for applicants to read before the interview. It takes more than just a quick glance to gain a greater understanding of the company as well as its current board of directors and C-suite executives, industry dynamics, as well as key risks. The best way to prepare is to listen to CEO conversations with analysts and investors as per Deb DeHaas, an experienced public company board member and chief executive officer of the Corporate Leadership Center. She adds that it is crucial for a candidate to be able explain the reasons why the company or its product, or the challenges it faces is intriguing and how their work experience could aid in addressing these issues.



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