Board portal technology allows boards to operate more efficiently, which improves governance processes across all sectors and sizes. Businesses that are heavily regulated, such as insurance and healthcare firms make use of board portals to help them comply with the regulations while focusing on business development. Small business boards as well as other types of boards are also able to benefit from an efficient and smooth board meeting process. This can lead to better governance and a more productive business.

A board management tool can reduce the need for physical meetings and help you save a lot of money. Furthermore, a high-end board portal will provide the latest tools for collaborating on the preparation of meetings, resulting in time savings and increased efficiency in meetings.

The most effective board portals allow board members to comment on and discuss topics in a digital format. They also track the progress of actions items. The discussion can take place within the portal, which helps to eliminate sensitive information that could be lost or retrieved from personal email accounts. It also reduces the possibility of sharing confidential board documents.

Everyone in the organization should be engaged and committed to the implementation of the new portal. To ensure a successful implementation, identify at least one or more “board portal ambassadors” within your organization who can assist in communicating the benefits to the rest of the staff and offer training. The first step is to select these individuals and plan training sessions prior to the initial meeting.



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