Investment banking is among the most lucrative and in-demand job descriptions in the finance industry. It requires a combination financial expertise, strong analytical abilities, as well as confidence in numbers. Financial planning careers often involve advising clients on the best investments to make as well as creating financial models.

While many believe that you need to possess an MBA to work in investment banking, there are no-cost online courses that can help you prepare for the field. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top free courses in investment banking that will provide you with the details you need to begin your journey in this profession.

The first course on the list is Valuation and Investments, which is published by Khan Academy. It covers all of the fundamental aspects of valuation and investing from understanding balance sheets to understanding derivatives and securities. It’s a great resource for beginners who want to start preparing for their interview in Investment banking.

Financing Basics is a great course which teaches students about different kinds of finance and the applications. It also explains the distinction between merchant and investment banking. The New York Institute of Finance also provides it for free.

Leland courses are another way to get an edge over the competition. Students will get the knowledge, coaching, and community they require to meet their career goals. Leland provides students with a free month to get a feel of the courses prior to taking the plunge and committing to the program.



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