A schedule for board meetings is a guideline to the entire meeting that keeps the discussion on the right track. Board meetings may deviate from the agenda to address topics that are relevant to specific members, but do not advance the goals of the business. It’s best to focus on the agenda items that are set by the chair of your board, and make sure that no one exceeds their time limit. It’s also beneficial to have more than one person engaged in keeping the meeting moving. If one person is taking notes while another is leading the discussion They can both monitor the pace and redirect the discussion when needed.

Depending on the board’s agenda the agenda could include new items, routine issues, reports, and other board materials. The board might also review announcements and updates from committees. It is crucial that the board package be circulated a few days before the meeting so that board members are able to review it and bring any questions, concerns or corrections to the secretary of the board.

The final item on the agenda will typically be reserved for any announcements. It could range from the utmost respect to a team member’s the job they have done to offering condolences or any other significant information. It is also a great time for attendees to suggest agenda items for the board to consider at the next meeting. Once everything is taken care of, the chairperson will formally end the meeting and declare the formal time of adjournment in order that it can be recorded in the minutes. The next board meeting date is announced so that board members can mark their calendars.




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