Document distribution software provides businesses with a range of tools to assist team members to request, collect storage, manage and share documents securely, whether in paper or electronic form. It streamlines many processes and decreases the amount of time it takes to send or resend documents.

Before deciding on a document management solution, you must know your needs. Some of the most sought-after features are:

Streamline digitization projects with image scanning and OCR capabilities that take text and convert it into searchable metadata. You can then easily locate and search for documents.

An intuitive interface allows you to organize and locate documents by using built-in tracking, file tagging, and a customizable dashboard that provides important metrics such as document counts and workflow statuses. It is a powerful tool for integrations, such as application programming information, or APIs, as well as point-and-click integrations with more than 500 apps.

Document backup and version control ensure that your team members always have the latest versions of documents. This feature guards important data against being accidentally deleted or overwritten, and also allows users to go back to edits made in the past.

Help clients to access and view documents using a secure client portal. This means that you no longer need to send documents as attachments to emails, making it quicker and more efficient. Certain document management software products include client portal features such as eSignatures and core workflow integrations that improve collaboration between your business and clients.



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