Board meetings, whether they are held in person or via videoconference, should be focused on creating actions and making decisions. The best way to do this is by following some simple procedure for a board meeting.

Before any official business can be discussed, it’s crucial to ensure that there is an adequate quorum. This is typically stipulated in a company’s bylaws and involves a call to verify that there are enough people present to vote.

The chair should inquire if any of the members have any corrections or changes to the minutes of the previous meeting. If none are present they can be approved in writing.

After all old business has been settled the new business can commence. The board should go through the agenda item by item, allowing for discussion and voting on each. Ideally, matters for decision should be scheduled prior to the beginning of the meeting. This is due to the fact that discussions and analysis of these topics occurred during previous meetings, on board calls, or perhaps one-on-one meetings with individual directors.

To keep the meeting running it’s essential to establish clear guidelines for speaking time. For instance, directors must not speak until the speaker has finished. No one should interrupt anyone other than the speaker, no matter the importance of their argument. You might want to consider deferring a discussion to the next meeting, or scheduling an interlude call. This will allow you to discuss it in a shorter period of time.



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