AVG internet security is a good option for those who are at home and want to gain a reliable set of security features that shield their devices from viruses, malware, and hackers. Contrary to other antivirus software it won’t impede your computer’s performance. The constant selling of products can be irritating https://pailza.com/avg-internet-security-good-or-bad to certain users, and it is priced higher than its rivals.

AVG internet security is easy to use and intuitive for both tablets and desktops. The dashboard tiles that it comes with give users a comprehensive view and let you quickly launch a Smart Scan or perform other scan options like an extended, boot-time, USB/DVD, or performance scan. You can even select the location you want to scan if you need to target specific files or folders however, be aware that the software will scan for anything in the area you specify.

The AVG internet security software uses a simple modern interface that has large tiles that are easy to click or tap on any device. Its simple design, well-placed hyperlinks and recognizable thumbnails make it easy to understand and navigate. It also has an automatic upload feature which allows files to be uploaded to AVG servers for scanning immediately after it has been detected.

The most notable feature is its advanced anti-malware engine. Its AI-based detection system is highly effective against phishing attacks and other types of attacks. It also stops hackers from gaining access to your private passwords, files or banking information by blocking websites trying to steal your information. It can also block malware from getting into your system through apps that you install.



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