Major organizations in the world build programs and applications using this object-oriented language. Here, you will come across some of the most frequently asked questions about Python in job interviews in various fields. Our Python interview questions for both experienced professionals and freshers will help you in your interview preparation.

When developers adhere to the guidelines laid out in PEP 8, it ensures that their code is easier for others to understand, maintain, and collaborate on. By asking this question, interviewers want to gauge your familiarity with coding standards and your commitment to writing clean, maintainable code. Additionally, I’d consider leveraging libraries like NumPy or Pandas for efficient data manipulation and computation. If necessary, I might also explore parallelization with multiprocessing or multithreading to take advantage of multiple CPU cores.

What type of language is Python?

In a normal dictionary in Python, there is no order maintained between keys. By the end, you’ll have a hands-on mastery of all the underlying patterns of coding interview problems. While interviews can be stressful, practice is the only way to get prepared. Iterate over the whole linked list and add each visited node to a visited_nodes set. At every node, we check whether it has been visited or not.

python developer interview questions

In Python, you can comment using “#” for single-line comments and triple-quotes (”’ or “””) for multi-line comments. Docstrings are special comments used to document functions, classes, or modules. Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language known for its readability and simplicity.

Explain split(), sub(), subn() methods of “re” module in Python?

Operands are literals or variables with numbers that have some values. A ternary operator, a binary operator, a ternary operator, and a unary operator are all examples of operators that require three or more operands, respectively. To eliminate the whitespaces and following spaces from the string, Python provides how to become a python developer strip([str]) worked in capability. After removing any whitespaces that may be present, this function returns a copy of the string. We cannot use these methods with a tuple because the tuple is different from the list. Decorators are functions that modify the behavior of other functions or methods.

  • Iterators are commonly used in for loops and can be created for custom objects.
  • Django (and much of the Internet) uses sessions to track the “status” of a particular site and browser.
  • Interviewers want to know if you have a solid understanding of these concepts and can implement them effectively.
  • Mutable data types can be changed after creation (e.g., lists).
  • On the other hand, a tuple is created using parentheses () or simply by separating values with commas.

Interviewers ask this question to gauge your understanding of deployment methodologies and their impact on project success. They want to see how well you keep up with industry best practices and ensure that your preferred method aligns with the company’s requirements. Additionally, your answer can provide insight into your adaptability and ability to work with different deployment tools and environments. The interviewer wants to gauge your commitment to producing high-quality code and understanding of the importance of testing in software development.

Mastering Python : An Excellent tool for Web Scraping and Data Analysis

Therefore arguments in Python method are passed by Reference. Since some of the objects passed as reference are mutable, we can change those objects in a method. But for an Immutable object like String, any change done within a method is not reflected outside. In Python, the append() and extend() methods are used to add elements at the end of a list. A lambda expression in Python is used for creating an anonymous function that can accept any number of arguments, but can only have a single expression. It is generally used in situations requiring an anonymous function for a short time period.

python developer interview questions

A web page, a wiki, a huge web-based calendar software, or a commercial website is used to build this web app. Flask is a micro-framework, which means it doesn’t rely on other libraries too much. It’s essential to ensure the security and privacy of users’ data in a web application, and authentication and authorization play a significant role in achieving that. Interviewers want to know if you have a solid understanding of these concepts and can implement them effectively.

What is the easiest way to calculate percentiles when using Python?

This helped me identify problematic queries that were taking longer than expected or consuming excessive resources. Next, I focused on optimizing these queries by implementing techniques such as indexing relevant columns, rewriting subqueries as joins, and using pagination for large result sets. Python follows a try-except approach, which allows developers to view the error in the code without terminating its execution.



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