The agenda for a board meeting is a document that sets out the items that will be discussed, decided on and ratified at your next meeting. A successful agenda for board meetings requires a thorough understanding of your organization’s needs and the preferences of its members. It’s a document that must be made collaboratively to ensure the highest level of information, engagement and effectiveness.

At the top of your agenda for your board meeting should be a clear call to order followed by the board secretary reading the minutes from the previous meeting. This allows everyone to understand where they stand with respect to previous discussions and decisions and allows them to move into new topics more quickly.

This section of your agenda for board meetings is where the top names in the room discuss important updates on a range of topics. Based on the structure of your company it may include reports from the executive director, finance director or from the program committee. This is also where board members can address any concerns that arise from these reports or other relevant news.

This is also where your board can take time for any other concerns or new business they’d like raise. This is an ideal time to make special announcements, send congratulatory messages or shout-outs. After this, your facilitator of the meeting officially closes the meeting and announces the date for the next meeting.



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