A board portal is a web-based software that enables directors and executives to work together and share information. It also helps them streamline meeting preparation and governance processes to facilitate better decision-making and better governance outcomes.

Modern board management software is more secure than file-sharing and email platforms, which could be easily hacked and leak sensitive Board materials. It utilizes strong encryption, multi-factor authentication and high-security storage for the protection of board documents. Furthermore, it makes sure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive documents by setting up advanced security permissions as well as access controls.

A dependable portal for board members supports your company’s policies on retention of data and keeps a record of every communication between Board members. This helps reduce the risk of legal liability as well as saving time and money with the reduction of administrative work in document management and board meetings.

A high-quality board portal will be simple to use, and allow your Board of Directors to operate as they please. No matter if they are on road or at home, they are able to make informed decisions and participate in strategic discussions through an intuitive mobile-first platform that can work with their preferred devices.

It is essential to secure the backing of the most important stakeholders within your board to ensure that your new portal is a success. It is essential to include your chief information officer, the person responsible for governance and compliance, as well as IT advisors at the planning stage to answer any questions or concerns they may have.




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