Control the exchange of confidential data It doesn’t matter if it’s information from customers or business secrets. This is crucial for companies to thrive and survive in the current competitive environment. Security measures that are prioritised will reduce the risk of data breaches which could lead to losses in revenue, disruptions to business and reputational damage.

The first step is to restrict access to confidential information only to those who need it. Implementing a strict password policy and secure storage for detachable media can aid. If you’re dealing with physical files, make sure that they are kept in a secure safe or file cabinet and only couriers who have confidentiality protocols are allowed to handle these files. You can also use encryption prior to sending them out, which adds another layer of security to block unauthorised access.

As a rule, never delete files from your phone or computer without backup. If you use cloud services to share files, make sure that they’re encrypted, so nobody can access them. You can do this by choosing the option to protect files before sending them or using an encryption software.

The most crucial time for any type of data is when it’s being transferred from one system to another. It is recommended to use a solution that can safeguard large files at any time particularly if they require to be transferred via the internet. The availability of reliable tools that are able to keep sensitive data safe is not only an excellent way to safeguard your company’s reputation, it will also give you peace of mind.



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