Remote work is on the rise and organizations must do more to improve collaboration and best virtual spaces for collaboration teamwork. The best video calls and software for communication do not compare to the intimacy of meetings in person.

That’s where immersive virtual spaces can be useful. Virtual environments don’t only serve as tools for meetings. They also allow teams to communicate in a 3D interactive environment. This is especially valuable for sprint retrospectives and other meetings that require close collaboration.

Virtual environments can have different effects on productivity, creativity and teamwork, just as real-world environments. This is why it’s crucial to choose the right ones.

Here are a few of the best virtual workspaces for collaboration.

A virtual office that includes a physical workspace for meetings, as well as a customizable experience is a great choice for teams that are remote or hybrid. The Glue platform offers a variety of settings, ranging from outdoor spaces to more formal spaces perfect for presentations and meetings. Clarity Island, for example is a relaxing beach-side area that is perfect for workshops and activities aimed at team-building. Mont Matiz, on the other hand, is a calm hilltop location that is perfect for meetings and discussions.



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