To ensure a successful board meeting, it is essential to plan the meeting correctly. Meetings on boards usually have a set of deliverables to be fulfilled, such as report-writing, decision-making and strategic discussions. To ensure that your meeting delivers on these items, here are a few key points to remember.

Confirm all attendees and their attendance view website plans before your board meeting. Make a final list of remote directors who could require a video call, and decide how best to provide them with the necessary equipment or links for the meeting. Make sure that the meeting space is available, and also make sure you have any additional supplies or catering.

Create a rough agenda based on the information from your board package and any concerns or requests from the board chair, CEO and executive directors. Having the draft agenda set before the meeting will allow you to avoid the need for last-minute scrambles and ensure you have enough time to discuss the most important issues.

The first item on the agenda should be a review of the company’s performance from the last board meeting, which will include important milestones and achievements as well as areas on which the organization might require more attention. Consider ways the company could advance with new growth strategies. This could involve discussing new markets, policies for customer service, investor relations, or hiring new employees.



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