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Whether it’s storing and organizing documents digitally or streamlining workflows, document repositories can provide numerous advantages. They can automate manual tasks, digitize documents and manage incoming data. They also help streamline collaboration between teams. Document repository software also allows you to control how and where data is stored, ensuring your company is in compliance with legal requirements.

Research on institutional repository adoption has revealed that the perceptions of users and understanding of the capabilities and their purpose vary greatly between institutions. This article focuses on the different motives behind the adoption of repository and outlines efforts for improving consultation processes and tailor-made strategies.

Repositories enable content to be stored in multiple formats, and act as an online storefront for research output from the institution. These items include research theses and conference papers. They can also include posters and reports, presentations and discussion papers, work papers and book chapters. This provides a controlled and curated alternative to traditional publishing models.

Repositories can harvest metadata, and improve visibility and discoverability through search tools like Google and aggregators such as OpenAIRE and BASE. They can also be used to promote individual work and are often accompanied by hyperlinks to the publisher’s Version of Record (VoR). For libraries that do not have subscription access, this could be an affordable way to access articles. This can be beneficial to businesses, charities, patients, retired researchers, and the general public.



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