VDR providers offer an online platform for virtual datarooms that allows clients to share sensitive information in a secure environment. The platform allows large volumes of documents to be uploaded and tracked while also granting specific permissions to users for each document to ensure that confidential data will only be visible to the people who should have access to it.

Most modern VDR providers offer a very modern and user-friendly experience that includes robust collaboration tools. They typically have robust analytics and reporting capabilities, such as document views and downloads vector watermarking that is real-time labeling, classification as well as malware detection, and more. The best providers have strict security best site standards and certifications including FedRAMP, FINRA, HIPAA and GDPR.

A VDR is commonly used for mergers and acquisitions. Investors, law firms and accounting firms provide sensitive information about a business with other parties in a virtual data room so that they can be able to evaluate the deal. A VDR can make a time-consuming and complex process more efficient. A company may also be required to keep documents in the event of a lawsuit and review them afterward. A VDR can reduce the cost of going through emails, faxes, and other files to find relevant information. The VDR can be used to store all the documents related to the lawsuit and can be accessed by legal counsel at any time.



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