If your board meetings aren’t as productive as you would like, it could be time to change things up. Fortunately, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your board meetings is not difficult or time-consuming. The following steps can be carried out slowly over time and could have a dramatic effect on the overall quality of your meetings.

Start by establishing a clear agenda and imposing time limits for each item. By setting a time limit on the amount of time each topic can take to be discussed The members of the board will be more likely keep their comments brief and to the point. A timekeeper for the meeting can also aid in ensuring that everyone adheres to these guidelines.

Avoid topics on which only a few members of your board are knowledgeable. Consider having one-on-one discussions with each member of the board between meetings to delve deeper into areas that require more research or knowledge. You can use this time to discuss issues that require the board’s full focus.

Many board members struggle with getting the meeting back on track after it has started. There are many discussions that can drift off-topic, especially when board members are acquainted with one another and talking about personal news right before the meeting starts. Try to steer the discussion to the agenda item at hand and respectfully redirect the members if they continue to veer.

Your board meetings should be a space to discuss strategic decisions and debate, not simply a space for updates and reports. With careful planning and a few small adjustments, you can transform your board meetings into lively productive and productive events that are essential to your organization’s development and success.

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