A remote board meeting can present a unique set challenges. It also offers flexibility and the opportunity to increase the size of your board. Functional technology that allows board members to communicate efficiently and clearly is the key to a successful remote meeting. Before the meeting begins, ensure all participants test their cameras, software, and microphones, and are familiar with their equipment. This will enable your board to concentrate on the meeting content and reduce the time wasted by technical problems.

Encourage your board members to add notes, updates, and actions items to a shared agenda in advance of the meeting. Utilize a scheduling software, such as SavvyCal, to find an appropriate time for everyone. The result is fewer meetings that are more focused, and usually less stressful than those in person.

The ability to view each other during virtual meetings fosters stronger connections and enhances collaboration. Adding video to your meetings can also make it easier to recognize crucial non-verbal cues from your board members. Smiles can convey excitement and enthusiasm, while looking at a frown, rolling eyes or a frowning face can signal displeasure, boredom or even concern. Additionally, it’s helpful to have an introductory video to be played prior every remote meeting to set the tone and remind the participants of the expectations they must meet during the call. Inquiring for feedback on each call can also help to improve engagement and let board members know their opinions are valued.




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