It is crucial to choose an antivirus program that gives protection against a variety of cyber-attacks. Some examples of these are worms ransomware (also known as adware), spyware and trojans. The best antivirus software utilizes the largest malware database with machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect threats faster than their competitors.

It’s also important to look into other security features your antivirus program could provide. These include the VPN service, password manager, and parental controls. We recommend looking for a service provider that regularly updates their malware database and, if feasible and includes all of these features in their subscription package.

We used a scoring method to determine which antivirus was the best. This method considered each product’s protection against malware, security features and customer support, as well as its general performance. We also examined the number of operating systems the antivirus supports, and whether or not it performed well on desktops as well as mobile devices.

We started by looking at the malware detection performance of each software, which was measured using tests conducted by an independent testing lab AV-Comparatives. Then, we evaluated the security features that each product offered. They included the use of a VPN and cleaning your PC. We also looked at the support provided by each product, and whether or not it offered a guarantee of refund.

Our top choice is Norton 360, which provides the best malware protection and an impressive array of additional cybersecurity features for a low-cost annual subscription. It’s also one of the few antivirus programs that work well on both Windows and macOS. Another good choice is McAfee Total Protection, which provides a similar range of security features and is simple to use.



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