A free VPN can be a fantastic way to increase the security and privacy of your Android phone or tablet. A free virtual private network is a great way to enhance security and privacy when using public Wi-Fi or to remove geo-restrictions from streaming services you love. Be aware that free VPNs are typically restricted in features, come with slow speeds and limit data. They also typically don’t offer the same level of features that premium VPNs offer, like numerous VPN protocols and servers.

A plethora of free apps claim to be VPNs available on the Play Store, but many of these simply act as proxy services and do not secure your web traffic or DNS requests. Even worse is that some of these VPNs will log your online activities and then sell them to third-party vendors. This is why it is important to choose a trusted and secure free VPN for your Android device.

Find an VPN that is free and has an app that is simple to use. It should also come with crucial security features, like a VPN Kill Switch, which prevents your IP from being exposed in the event of a connection dropping. Split tunneling is another feature you may like. This allows you to select which apps are able to use the VPN, and which ones do not.

For a truly secure and fast Android VPN, check out NordVPN. Get a free 7-day trial and avail their money-back assurance to test out the industry’s leading VPN for Android devices.



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