It’s not quite as clandestine or as shady as it’s described, but accessing the dark web can be risky and requires a number of security precautions. It’s a place where exploration is rewarding, but it also requires a certain amount of respect and caution. With the right digital lifejacket, you can travel through the deep ocean layer in complete safety and security.

You’ll need a specific web browser that lets you navigate this elusive part of the internet. While there are a few choices, Tor is probably the most popular and well-known. It is similar to the standard web browser, but it has layers of security to avoid your browsing activity being tracked back to your. You’ll need a search engine that can find sites on the dark internet. DuckDuckGo does not track search activity and is specifically designed to find websites that are dark, is a popular option.

Then, you must use then a VPN to secure your Internet connection. This will obscure your IP address as well as erase any metadata that might be tied back to you, thereby shielding your identity from snoopers as you’re browsing the dark web. To ensure the best protection, you should try using VPNs. VPN while using Tor.

As you’d expect there’s a vast array of content available on the dark web, and it’s not all legal. You’ll find everything from stolen data to hacker services, illicit images, information and even products. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, going to the wrong side of the road could result in you being in hot legal trouble.



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