Boards can be powerful in a nonprofit organization, but they need the appropriate people to be efficient. The members of the board should have a passion for the cause and have the time and energy they can devote to their roles, and skills that help the organization’s mission. A diverse board with diverse backgrounds is the most effective way to attract these individuals. This will allow you to gain different perspectives, which are essential to make sound decisions.

Many organizations have their very own nomination procedures. They could be described in your bylaws or require formation of a nominating committee. A nominating committee could be made up of current board members or a neutral third-party appointed to conduct evaluations. The nominating panel must meet to review the bylaws and the list of members and also the description of each office’s responsibilities as well as the requirements for a candidate’s eligibility.

The nominating committee then select the candidates to be put forward for the vote of the entire board. This could be accomplished through voice vote or ballot according to your membership. The nominating committee can make use of an election platform that is managed, such as myDirectVote or DirectVoteLive to simplify the process and ensure transparency throughout the voting board room secrets process.

After the nominees have been put forward for election, the member organization will choose a method of voting, such as plurality or preferential nominations (depending on your bylaws). Preferential nominations allow voters to express their preferences in greater precision than simple majority voting. This provides a better picture of how your organisation’s members feel about individual candidates.



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