Data room confidential mode is a safety tool that prevents non-authorized users out of accessing your computer data. It permits the administrator of an information space to restrict the use of an electronic data space by a particular user based on their Internet Protocol address or system. This feature is crucial for M&A deals where sensitive information like research results, copyrighted goods and other items could be shared.

Monitor user activity with ease using audit trails. This includes when and where files were downloaded, who looked at what, what was deleted and much more.

With fence view and the view only mode, you can browse documents in a secure environment. These options ensure that your sensitive information remains secure by prohibiting users from printing and saving, downloading or taking screenshots of documents. This means that even when an authorized user accidentally exposes highly-sensitive files, the original documents won’t leave the VDR.

A reliable VDR can allow you to make granular access rights for each file and folder within the data room. You can restrict who is able to access the documents, set timed expiries and limit downloading by specific individuals or whole folders within the data room. You can also create a secure URL so only those who have been invited are able to access the documents in the data room.

Some of the best data rooms will offer a range of tools to assist you in controlling document sharing and protect your data using the 256-bit encryption that is used both in transit and at rest, and manage access permissions through two-factor authentication. They also offer an array of file formats, and a search feature that makes it easy to locate any file in the data room.



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