Comparing pricing for board portals is a vital first step to selecting tools for governance that meet your budget and the requirements of your board members. When making a comparison, it’s best to consider both upfront costs as well as ongoing expenses to get a clear picture of the total cost of your secure board meeting software.

Directors are increasingly acknowledging the value of modern board management systems. Apart from the environmental benefits, directors also value the time savings associated with getting rid of the email mess and reducing travel costs. Other reasons for the rising popularity of boards’ portals include the ability to swiftly produce and distribute board packages online, note taking on the web, collaboration, and much more.

No matter the reason that drives your company to implement boards portals, you’ll find a wide choice of options to select from. The most important aspects to consider when conducting pricing comparisons for board portals include training options, support quality, security features, and the volume of data storage.

The most important factor to consider is whether the support and service provided by the vendor will provide the amount of trust your board members require to be able to utilize the technology. This includes knowing the availability of live, on-site support line that can answer questions or address issues when they arise.

As the market continues to change and grow and evolve, it’s a good idea to understand what the vendor’s plans are to improve their products in the future. The best vendor will be able articulate how their current product is changing to stay ahead of governance best practices as well as the demands of their customers.

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