With the combination of malware scanners and a VPN, this top antivirus-vpn suite delivers the full suite of digital security services. The free plan is a great choice for users. results in independent tests and is very efficient. It also detects zero-day threats and widespread malware. NordVPN includes split tunneling and a kill button in addition to the no-logs policy, which protects privacy.

This comprehensive suite offers impressive features for the money It includes an app privacy scanner, Wi-Fi scanner and remote tools for data wiping. It is able to simultaneously scan multiple devices and has high rate of visit their website detection of malware. It’s also user-friendly and is ideal for families with several devices that need protection.

Avira is the most reliable antivirus for Android, and it’s a great choice thanks to its impressive performance during hands-on and lab tests. The free version includes real-time protection, a virus scanner and a password manager. The premium version includes the ability to use a VPN and a VPN with 100 MB daily limit.

Avast is an excellent choice for antivirus, and a great option for Android. It has shown impressive results in detecting malware, and doesn’t give false positives. Its free version is lightweight, easy to use, and includes a comprehensive set of security tools, such as the detection of phishing, a Wi-Fi scanner, and an app privacy scanner. It is also available as a subscription-based edition that provides unlimited data usage, parental control and a password manager.



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