Avast Premier offers a wide range of features for those who want to safeguard their devices. In my tests the malware detection rates were high and its web protection caught some phishing sites that were able to pass through Chrome and Firefox’s default setting. It also has a strong firewall that is specifically designed to prevent unauthorised connections from being established between your device and unauthorised networks.

The user interfaces at Avast are intuitive modern, sleek Get the facts and user-friendly. They focus on accessibility and navigation. They also have an elegant and simple design. The tools and features of the software are organized and presented logically, and users can customise the software according to their requirements. The installation procedures are simple and easy and have a minimal impact on the system resources. The use of resources can increase when you perform software updates or primary scans.

Both Premier and Internet Security come in a range of subscription tiers. The cost and length will differ depending on the level you select and how many devices are covered. Both offer similar functionality. Premier offers a wider choice of functions and a greater range in terms of security than Internet Security. There are some minor differences between two, though, like performance and impact of the program.

Its software is available through the free trial option and it’s simple to purchase directly from the Avast website. After selecting a product, the payment screen is displayed and you are given links to install it right away. You can pay with PayPal or credit card. Avast has a help desk with a large knowledge base, including questions and answers. They also provide live chat and phone support for more difficult problems.



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