Antivirus software is one type of software that shields computers from malware infections. This includes viruses and Trojans as well as spyware, adware rootkits and worms. It also helps to detect and repair the damage done by these threats.

Antivirus software is a vital tool in protecting any personal computer or mobile device. They are able to detect and eliminate ransomware, phishing emails spam, and other harmful software. They can even monitor and safeguard connected devices like printers, SmartTVs, cameras and other devices from malware infections as well.

When selecting an antivirus software be sure to choose one with an established track record of being able to pass multiple tests and obtaining positive reviews from independent laboratories. Companies like Virus Bulletin, TechRadar, NSS Labs and AV-Comparatives run tests and provide in-depth reviews of the various antivirus software choices. They will inform you which protections are offered and how well they work, and whether the program is worth the investment.

Traditional antivirus software relies upon the signature or binary pattern of viruses to recognize it. However hackers have kept pace with this by creating oligomorphic and polymorphic viruses, which encrypt parts of themselves or modify their appearance to not be able to match the signatures of viruses that are stored in antivirus databases. Sandbox analysis is a feature used by newer antivirus software to combat these sophisticated malware threats. The program executes the file within a virtual environment in order to see how it behaves.



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