The selection of the best IT security software is vital to protect your personal computer. It is important to choose an application that can defend your system from the ever-growing number of threats. 360 total security vs. avast are two well-liked THAT protection options that provide a wide range of desktop tools to guard against viruses, ransomware, websites that rely on phishing, and more. Both programs come with a main dashboard that clearly defines different protections and features.

Both are highly regarded for their outstanding virus protection and a powerful firewall that blocks threats coming in. They also conduct regular scans and update their malware databases. They also offer an optimizer for the system to cleanse your system and accelerate it. The program is available in the form of a free version, however the full version requires an Amazon Prime subscription. Gamification is used to encourage users to invite their friends and receive rewards that can be converted to more months of premium software.

Norton 360, unlike many other IT security solutions that are competing with it, is designed to limit threats before they can cause harm. This means that it doesn’t just deal with threats after they have made it into your system but also tries to prevent them from happening in the first place by blocking links and analyzing files at the browser level. Aside from that, Norton includes anti-spyware functionalities and a built-in Sandbox. It offers a dependable customer support via email as well as phone.



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